Proactive. Preventative. Fun.
These are our top 3 values and are at the heart of everything we do.

At Confidence Hackers, we empower students and young people to make better wellbeing decisions for themselves, by helping them understand more about the way they tick.  We do this by unpacking complex human behaviour in simple, fun, engaging and approachable ways that are relevant to them… Definitely no death by Powerpoint here!

What People Are Saying

“[Confidence Hackers] customised the workshop to our residents and made it fast and easy to organise.”

Tayla Brooks

Residential Life Duty Manager, CLV Student Village Melbourne


“It was a huge help.”



UniLodge Curtin Resident and Residential Advisor

“[The] content is presented in a fun and engaging manner, whilst also creating a safe space for students to share their experiences.”

Rachel Olsen

Student Life Director, Journal Student Living

“Our ressies still can’t stop talking about your session you had here”

Cory Edwards

Village Manager, Yarra House (Campus Living Villages)

Workshops Training

Fun and engaging. Definitely no death by Powerpoint here! We teach about the human behaviour that drives all of us... and how we can all make change easily and effortlessly.

Products Gifts

Our Products and Gifts are perfect for welcome packs, pre-exams, stress-less activities and any day pick me ups!
Practical, useful, inspirational and super cute.

Premium Coaching

As professional human behaviour specialists, we also provide 1:1 and small group coaching services, independent from uni (and the long wait times) for staff and students.

Confidence Hackers Plus

Let us organise innovative and fun student activities for you... all with a matching philosophy of helping young people make better decisions.

Can gaming solve loneliness?

Can gaming solve loneliness?

You could feel the nerves as the RMIT students prepared to deliver their 'D.I.V.E' program presentation for the 'Upskillers Program' at the Melbourne Town Hall. DIVE is their hypothetical solution to the significant problems of social isolation, loneliness and...

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APSAA Journal Dec 2019

APSAA Journal Dec 2019

I was excited to be asked by APSAA - the Asia Pacific Student Accommodation Association - to write for their December 2019 Journal about the work that Confidence Hackers does with student living at properties around Australia. Click here to view the article. In the...

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BUPA research confirms preventative approach is best

BUPA research confirms preventative approach is best

Insurance giant BUPA have recently released their The 2019 Mental Wellbeing Survey of Prospective International and Overseas Students. It's a world first study involving 12,204 participants from 175 countries that found international students may be at a higher risk...

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10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know…

10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know…

I was chatting to a lovely Res Life Manager today about our workshops, which made me realise, if you haven't experienced one, you might be a bit worried about how we run them, because too often student workshops are boring as bat-sh!t... so here's ten things you might...

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The new benchmark…

Former teacher and UniLodge Curtin Residential Life Manager Luke Reilly knows the benefits of empowering students to make better decisions for themselves. Luke's semester-long weekly mental well-being program, run by Confidence Hackers, has quickly become the new...

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We love feedback!

"Your [Positive Exam Postcards] cards are super popular, we have been giving them with a personal note on the back to every resident (with ice cream and self-care checklist) and everyone loves your super motivating quotes!" Anastasiia Kuleshova Community Manager -...

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