Confidence and resilience workshops, programs, courses, events & products.

We help young people make better wellbeing decisions…
for themselves

We empower students and young people to look after their wellbeing by helping them understand more about the way they tick.

We do this by unpacking complex human behaviour in simple, fun, engaging and approachable ways that are relevant to them and based on contemporary research in student mental health and wellbeing.

We also know, understand and work with what we call the wellbeing paradox…

You know, that weird (and frustrating!) situation where students that need help the most are also the least likely to attend events and programs that would help them the most!  That’s where the safety of our online events and programs really comes to the forefront – meeting students where THEY feel safe. In fact, they often tell us just how safe they do feel in our programs.

Acknowledgements we’re SUPER PROUD of (and grateful for)

Shortlisted for inclusion – Federal Government Best Practice in International Student Engagement Guides | Confidence Crew & Creativity for Wellbeing (out late 2023)

IEAA Excellence in Innovation Award recipients for Confidence Crew – proactive & preventative wellbeing programs

Study Melbourne International Education Awards – Excellence in International Student Experience finalist

Monash University endorsed our Wellbeing  & Engagement for Teachers course 2023 – 2026

Workshops & Programs

Fun and engaging. Definitely no death by Powerpoint here! We teach about the human behaviour that drives all of us... and how we can all make change easily and effortlessly.

Products & Gifts

Our Products and Gifts are perfect for welcome packs, pre-exams, stress-less activities and any day pick me ups!
Practical, useful, inspirational and super cute.

Staff Wellbeing

When your staff go down, so does the whole ship, so instead of same-same training, we provide fun human behaviour upskilling to help them  both personally and professionally.

Student Events

Looking for innovative and fun activities to help your students develop practical skills and build resilience? We create unique experiences for your students and team.

We like big smiles and we cannot lie!

“Our ressies still can’t stop talking about your session you had here.”

Cory Edwards, Village Manager, Yarra House (Campus Living Villages)

You have done amazing work with these students – hats off!

Kim Cleary

A/g Manager Student Initiatives, Global Victoria (Study Melbourne)

who we work with

Unis & student residences
The transition to uni brings with it some big challenges – especially students living away from home and international students. Our workshops help students learn study skills, how to manage stress and how to communicate with confidence.

Government Departments
In the competitive world of International Student Education, it’s those added wellbeing bonuses like building confidence and personal skills that increase social and community connections, making somewhere ‘text-worthy’ to live and study.

Secondary schools
High school students have a lot going on. Managing the stress of school, friends and part time jobs along with navigating the online world and trying to figure out what’s next after year 12. Our workshops are designed to help students learn more about who they are so they can trust themslves to make better wellbeing decisions, now and in the future.

95% of students' personal wellbeing is negatively impacted by stress and anxiety

About Confidence Hackers

At Confidence Hackers we believe that prevention is better than cure. So we help young people navigate through study, life and beyond by giving them the tools and skills to make better decisions for themselves.

 We operate in most cities around Australia and can also deliver workshops online through webinars or custom branded online courses.




These are our top 3 values and are at the heart of everything we do.

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