I was chatting to a lovely Res Life Manager today about our workshops, which made me realise, if you haven’t experienced one, you might be a bit worried about how we run them, because too often student workshops are boring as bat-sh!t… so here’s ten things you might not know about Confidence Hackers workshops…

We have fun – our workshops are active and interactive.  Our aim is to help your students forget their phone for an hour because they are so engaged. So if that means getting everyone up, pinching their noses, squatting and butt slapping themselves to manage ranting self talk differently, that’s what we’ll do… (actually that’s exactly what we get them to do!)

No death by Powerpoint – occasionally we may use Powerpoint, but if we do, each slide will be a single, beautiful, relevant image with 3 or 4 words maximum… but mostly we make our workshops more like a fireside chat, which removes stupid things like stigma and barriers and creates trust and connection super fast

They are relevant – we cover topics that are relevant to student life and make them even more relevant by asking questions as we go… like “what’s stressing you at the moment?” We are often (pleasantly) surprised by what students are willing to share in the safe environment we create (including unexpected things like ‘how do I manage my PMS during exams’)

We keep it simple – if it’s not something that I would be bothered doing (and I’m pretty lazy) then we won’t ask students to do it. We’re here to set your students up for success by making the tools and strategies we share with them simple and immediately actionable/implementable rather than another burden to manage

Jargon-free zone – we get it that most of your residents have English as a second language (at best), so we keep the language simple too and explain things in more detail where we need to, so that no one is left behind

Master facilitators – all of our team are coaches and master facilitators with years of experience in understanding human behaviour, which means they aren’t just there to ‘deliver content’ cos ergh!  Confidence Hackers Coaches are ‘proactively responsive’ – our term for having acute awareness of the people in the room and modifying everything (behaviour, content, delivery etc) to suit them, not us. That means we might not always cover all of the content that we had hoped to, but if it means that what we’ve covered sticks, we;re good with that. We much prefer quality over quantity

Better decisions – all of our workshops (and everything that Confidence Hackers is about) is to help young people of all ages to make better decisions for themselves throughout their lives. Fluffy baby animals are super cute (soooooooo cute) and yes, they get students out of their rooms, which is a great, but very temporary good decision. When students are empowered to know how to make better decisions for themselves, they become less reliant on you… so that you can actually do more of the things on your ‘wish list’ and spend less time stuck on the ‘sh!t list’ of problem students (you know the ones that take all of your time, all the time)

Technology can help – we realise that often the students that most need help with their mental well-being are the ones least likely to come to workshops, which is why we pioneered drip-feed delivery of workshops by Facebook Live to your closed student group. In this way, especially during the early weeks, we build trust and confidence with your students, so that they can feel comfortable to attend our in-house workshops.  It’s also a perfect way for us to answer anonymous questions from your Confidence Hackers question box

Easy and effortless for you – we know that you are putting out a million spot fires at once, so we even make it easy for you to promote the sessions by providing you with posters and all of the social media promo stuff that you (or your social media minion) could possibly need – in both post and ‘story’ format, plus we promote what you’re doing on our social media and LinkedIn too, so that parents can see from an external source that you’re doing cool stuff with their kids

Mental health free zone – we don’t use the ‘M’ word with students, cos it’s way to scary and stigma filled. In fact we think calling our workshops ‘Confidence Hackers Workshops’,  ‘Job Readiness Skills Training’ or my personal favourite ‘Functional And (job) Readiness Training’ (aka FART) is much more approachable!

Honestly though, don’t take my word for it… check out what other people say…