We put the well in student wellbeing

You’re busy, right? Putting out spot-fires… all the time.

You’re the go to person that everyone… well, goes to.

And all that stuff that you’d love to be doing to support your students to become more empowered? Well, it’s on the list. But never seems to get crossed off.

But you also know the more empowered young people are, the easier your role becomes.

Together, we can help your students and young people make better well being decisions for themselves. Better decisions about stress, anxiety, study, relationships, sleep, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, their worth, the worth of others, life, fitness, health and everything else that keeps them (and you) awake at night. 

We work with schools, unis and residential colleges to give students the confidence they need to address big life changes – like moving away for uni, heading off overseas and starting work.  We help them develop vital life and job readiness skills like stress and behavior management, dealing with rejection and conflict, talking and presenting to clients and critical thinking.

Together, we can help students and young people learn how to change their trajectory, so that less of them drop out of school, uni, work… and life.

Resilience workshops for students

 At Confidence Hackers we believe (weirdly) prevention is better than cure. So we help young people navigate through study, life and beyond by giving them the tools and skills to make better decisions for themselves.

We are driven to do this because research proves :

= Suicide is the leading underlying cause of death for young people

= 250,000 students in Australia are struggling with mental ill-health

= Twice the number of students are experiencing poor mental health than poor physical health

= 84% of students with mental ill-health withdraw from study

= 20% of young people are too embarrassed to ask for help

= 25% of young women are anxious

= Depression is continuing to increase in young people

= 26% of young people have mental ill-health in any given year

All students and young people – but especially students living away from home – are particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health. Being distanced from the support networks of family, friends, pets, routines and the certainty of everything ‘known’ creates additional stress and pressure points.

We work with universities, student accommodation providers, high schools, sporting clubs, graduate programs, and anyone that works with young people. We can also arrange 1:1 or small group mental well-being, confidence and resilience coaching for your staff and RA & staff training. 

We operate in most locations around Australia , or contact us  for other delivery options such as webinars or custom branded online courses.

“We hosted Anita at Journal and she had an immediate positive impact on our residents. Her content is presented in a fun and engaging manner, whilst also creating a safe space for students to share their experiences. We will definitely be incorporating Anita into our programming in the future.”

Rachel Olsen

Student Life Director, Journal Student Living

About Us

We believe some weird things…

Just like you don’t get a six pack by going to the gym once, resilience and mental well-being training shouldn’t be a once a year offering. We make it super simple for you by creating programs tailored to your student’s needs and your organisation’s desired outcomes.

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