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Confidence Hackers are delighted to offer preventative mental health support services through transformational wellbeing coaching for international students.

Already, the impact from Covid on student wellbeing has been catastrophic… and now Covid PTSD is emerging as a significant  mental health risk factor for students.

With most unis unable to offer psychological services to their off-shore students, Confidence Hackers bank of Trusted Coaches serve students with a vital ‘future-focus’, helping them in the here-and-now to build their personal resources and coping strategies, and preparing them for their safe return to Australia to continue their studies.

Confidence Hackers Coaching provides preventative and proactive support for students rather than reactive crisis and emergency case management support.

Recent anecdotal evidence from one university through their wellbeing services identified that only 12 of the 800 emergency relief support applications required psychological intervention… the remaining 788 students were identified as requiring access to additional life and stress-management skills – like coaching.

What is Coaching?

To clarify the difference:

Psychology and counselling provide a ‘diagnosis’ and ‘looking-back’ approach where patients have to delve into, and relive their past experiences to manage the present better. These professions typically deal with pain, trauma and mental illness.

Mentoring is a process where the mentor is placed in a position of power and ‘tells’ the mentee ‘what’ to do based on their own experience.

Coaching provides a vital ‘future-focus’ for students as clients, and supports them to find their own answers, rather than being given ‘advice’ or ‘the answer’, helping students build self-trust, resilience and their own problem-solving abilities.
Coaching teaches people how to think, not what to think.



Confidence Hackers coaches are trained and fully insured Human Behaviour specialists, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.



Our coaches have extensive experience in all kinds of wellbeing challenges… and truly care about the success of the students



Our coaches go the extra mile. We’re not here to tell people what to do or how to live, but to help empower them to make their own good decisions.

Common Challenges Faced by Off-Shore Students

In addition to managing workload and time zone differences, students are also facing:
– Little or no 1:1 mental health support for off-shore students from education providers
– Lockdowns and physical isolation from support networks
– Supporting sick family members and fear of becoming sick (or recovering from sickness)
– The fear and uncertainty of this situation ever ending
– Managing grief from losing friends and loved ones
– Stress about talking to universities and lecturers for extensions etc
– Anxiety and stress resulting in chronic mental and emotional fatigue
– The fear of being ‘left behind’
– Financial paralysis – feeling stuck
– ‘Failing’… your parents, in life, your subjects
– Comparison-itus – Aussie-based friends getting on with life while I’m stuck and getting stuck-er

Student impact

Check out the impact that personal development and coaching had on Matthieu and Ashwin no matter the delivery method; face-to-face video or by messenger chat.

Note that students are not told what to do or think, but have new options open up to them, expanding their confidence in themselves and their decision making.

Coaching Options

Lazer Life Coaching

Lazer coaching is ideal for providers that want to offer premium 1:1 mini express well-being coaching sessions to their students or residents.

Short 20 min sessions to target a specific challenge quickly and help identify next steps.

1 to 1 Life Coaching

Longer 50 minute Proactive, preventative and relatable wellbeing coaching sessions, with ideally 6 sessions to build trust.

We remove the stigma of ‘mental health’ by making it light and approachable… and super impactful.

Embedded Life Coaching

Embedded coaching sees us become part of the furniture!

We attend events and become that trusted friend that you can have a chat with to get real support.

Ideal in a student residential setting.


Pricing varies depending on the type and quantity etc of service you want us to provide, including the options for:

full service – we look after everything, including initial screening

do it with you – you undertake the initial screening process, and we do the rest

optional add ons – access to our online Covid wellbeing courses and platform for all or some students, or how much would your students love to receive a deck of our Mindset Magic Cards

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