Your mission

Your top secret mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ‘hide the ‘mental health’ veggies’.

Background briefing

Parents have been ‘hiding the veggies’ for years… sneaking in the stuff they know is good for their kids by disguising it as something else… grated veggies in the hamburgers anyone?

And it’s that exact same thing that Confidence Hackers is doing for young people too… hiding what they need within the framework of what they want.

Soft skills earn (dollar) bills

Students know that the job market is competitive and they know that soft skills are the difference that makes the difference to getting a job, or not.

Which means not even the faintest sniff of ‘wellbeing’ or ‘mental health’… and instead being loud and proud and upfront with Job Readiness Soft Skills courses in sought after areas of:

Communication & People Skills

Help us hide ways to make friends and beat loneliness, how to deal with parental pressure, how to resolve conflict or manage toxic relationships, and understanding what makes us and others tick. 

Time Management Skills

Help us sneak in confident (not cocky) decision making, beating overwhelm, creating study/work/life balance, dealing with procrastination and goal setting. 

Stress Management Skills

Together we will conceal managing exam stress, interview nerves, overcoming fears, balancing emotional management, anxiety and what drives us in the first place.

These are the ‘veggies’ that help students manage themselves, their stress, anxiety and loneliness better… all wrapped up in useful, digestible and delicious ‘hamburgers’… plus they truly are life and employment skills for their future!

In addition we can hide:

Dance Classes

hide opportunities for appropriate touch and boundaries, making friends and physical activity

Money Management

classes allow students to be empowered and make better financial decisions

Body Knowledge

help students with better posture and ways of reducing neck, shoulder and back pain and ergonomics

Interview Ready

teaches things like writing resumes, LinkedIn profiles and  interview skills

But wait… there’s a certificate too!

If providing vital ‘soft skills’ wasn’t already a big enough incentive, students can earn a certificate that validates their new skills… something that they can include in resumes etc. Now that is genius level veggie hiding!

Do we have to be sneaky?

No, but putting on events that are for ‘mental health’ frightens away the people that really need to come.  Stigma shouldn’t be there, but it is… so this way we work with what works in reality. To include the value of veggies with the lure the burger.

So we sell the sizzle, not the steak (or even worse – the veggies!)

Consistency is key

And that’s because what you do consistently but imperfectly gives you better results than what you do perfectly but inconsistently.  Building these skills takes time – just like the building of any muscle.

Are you up for the challenge?

We’re now recruiting secret agents for Operation ‘Hide the Veggies’ for students around Australia (and the world)… to help them build the skills they need now… and for their future lives.

Of course, to your students this operation doesn’t exist…  “Operation What?”  Exactly.

Next steps

Call, fax or send encrypted digital code (actually don’t fax, but call or email) and let’s explore this operation in more detail. I promise we’ll make it easy and effortless for you. We provide all of the logistics (facilitators) and bootcamp info (posters and social media posts).

You provide the infrastructure and get the backing.

ps: this page won’t self destruct in 5 seconds… because it’s way too important… like the wellbeing of your students

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