Anita van Rooyen

Chief Confidence Hacker – Melbourne

Self-proclaimed former ‘shyest person in the Universe’ Anita established ‘Confidence Now’ in 2014, working predominantly with individuals, dancers and performers.

Realising she could have a greater long-term impact through group work with young people, she established Confidence Hackers in 2017.

A human behaviour expert, Anita is a certified practitioner in Meta Dynamics, accredited in Extended DISC (advanced human behaviour studies), and a Level 3 Certified Facilitator, with more than 10,000 hours of personal and group coaching and facilitation under her belt.  She is a firm believer that fun makes learning easier and more impactful.

Anita lives in Melbourne with her cheeky ginger-ninja cat Saffron. 

Check out Anita’s personal coaching website here

All of our coaches are human behaviour experts… plus

Coach Amy


Amy (together with Luna the Confidence Dog) have been making waves in Perth after joining Confidence Hackers in early 2018.

An experienced relationship and career coach, Amy has dedicated years to researching human behaviour.  Amy is also a qualified trainer and assessor, published author, Lifehack blogger and professional resume writer.

Amy’s depth of empathy and love of sharing tools, strategies and thinking upgrades in simple and powerfully transformational ways is only matched by her passion of helping people succeed in life. 

Coach Anneliese


Anneliese beams with joy and pride, when she supports international students realise their full potential.  She delivers support in an authentic manner and loves doing “fun” things to obtain maximum smiles and empowering individual confidence with the intention for students to maximise their experience in Australia.   Study/life balance is KEY!

A yoga teacher, yogini, nature lover, active mover and student of the world seeking ‘education’ through travel, Anneliese believes in listening to your heart, following your intuition and walking your path (though occasionally delineating) to live life to the fullest.

Coach Sam


Samantha has more than 30 years’ experience as a secondary school music/performing arts teacher and community musician.

Over the last 10 years Samantha has developed a passion for human behaviour; focusing on how mindset affects teachers and students alike.

And now, as a coach, she helps teachers, students and ‘normal people’ move through their life struggles, uncover their potential to grow and create lives of their own design.

Coach Sarah


Originally from New Zealand, Coach Sarah is an inspired mindset changer with over twenty years of leadership, coaching and consultancy experience. She empowers individuals to sustain healthy wellbeing by deconstructing self-limiting beliefs and creating powerful mindset shifts.

Sarah is a Demartini Method Facilitator, values-based mindset coach, and mother to two teenagers and a singing dog.

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