Confidence Hackers PLUS

Confidence Hackers PLUS is a special service curated by Confidence Hackers to help you serve your students better… without all the run around (cos we do it for you!)

We find providers that match our mission of helping young people make better wellbeing decisions for themselves… and bring them to your door.

People that do things like:

  • Posture and ergonomics
  • Laughter and alternative stress reduction techniques
  • Financial management
  • Resume writing, Linkedin profiles and applying for jobs
  • Personal styling for interviews
  • Podcast creation
  • Dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • and more!


We only work with McKenzie Method physiotherapists who teach patients exercises to reduce pain. This empowers students responsibility for self-care. Workshops focus on understanding pain, posture & exercises to reduce typical neck, back & shoulder pain.


Laughter is the fastest way to connect both sides of brain, making it easier to retain information. That’s just one of the benefits of laughter yoga – and no, there’s no downward dog or yoga poses,  just laughing, rhythmic clapping & intentional breathing that gets happy hormones flowing!

job skills

We teach how to write a resume that rocks, prepare a LinkedIn profile that packs a punch, handle the tough graduate, internship or job interview questions with confidence and calmness.


Mediation calms the soul, soothes nervous tension and creates a sense of deep relaxation – perfect for the stressed student. It also quietens down ‘monkey mind’ chatter, increases focus, helps to regulate emotions & releases healing, positive energy to the body.


Dance is a proven fun stress-reliever, improves cardio fitness, builds friendships, teaches appropriate touch & boundaries, is perfect for those that are shy or socially awkward and so much more! Old Skool Disco, Street Latin, Hip Hop, Bollywood and more available.

money management

Struggles with budgeting and finance are in the top 10 student challenges. Our workshops cover the basics of financial management including  a heavy focus on budgeting and credit.  All done in a way that’s actually engaging, practical & useful.

insta worthy meals

Learn the skills to create the next resident Master Chef… (or at least make it harder to burn water!).  Students that can cook for themselves have more control over their budget, health & life outcomes.


learn how to learn

Learn how to study more efficiently and effectively means that you can spend less time going over and over the same stuff and more time doing other things – like completing assignments and actually sleeping!



Help your students learn how to make and edit their very own professional podcast! Then it’s headphones on & microphones ready as they create their own podcast episode in a recording studio.  (Melbourne city only, limit 20/event) 

Chat to Anita about the best mix of Confidence Hackers PLUS options for your cohort.

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