Ambassador and Office Bearer student Program

Whether you choose a Lite or Embedded Ambassador Programs, together we’ll tailor-make a program that’s perfect for your students, budget and aims.

Support and empower your best promotional assets with the confidence and real-world skills to FAST-TRACK personal and professional development, by first building the SELF LEADERSHIP skills they’ll need.

Ambassador Lite Program


– One day express training – ICARE (our student-friendly approach to mental health first aid), Understanding Human Behaviour via DISC profiles, Core Needs

– Quarterly training sessions – students choose the program topics according to their needs, but could include topics such as Stress Less, Achieve More, Dealing with Drama or Balancing Work, Study Life and Everything

Ambassador Embedded Program


– Intensive (and fun and insightful) 2 day ‘start up’ training ICARE (our student-friendly approach to mental health first aid), Understanding Human Behaviour via DISC profiles (including a cross over to event planning awareness for different profile types), Core Needs, Ignite and Rewrite Beliefs, Confidence on Camera session and Networking for Success (as an attendee and a host)

– Ongoing regular monthly training sessions around topics such as Creating Events on a Budget, Making Confident Decisions, Expanding Comfort Zone and  the Adult Growth Model, according to the group’s needs

– Quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions to get to the heart of challenges in a safe way

Make Your Own Ambassador Program

Mix and match from any of Confidence Hackers’ suite of events and workshops to create your own bespoke Ambassador Program, knowing that your student leaders are in good hands.

The fast track to help to them help you! Empowering student leaders to become confident presenters starts with building self-confidence skills, then extending to the practical skills of putting together engaging presentations.

The student-focused alternative to first aid training for mental health.

The I.C.A.R.E Program creates a safe place to proactively learn more about human behaviour and what to do if things go wrong, reducing stigma of mental health and increasing help-seeking behaviour.

Group or 1:1 coaching building true leadership mindset skills from trained human behaviour experts.

Leadership isn’t about being the loudest, it’s about learning to be the best version of yourself… and bringing that out in others.

Empowering students to create impactful student-led programs!

This program upskills students to include and involve other students in their programming, all building leadership skills.


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