Confidence Crew Program

Funded by Study Melbourne

Our 2021 IEAA Excellence in Innovation award-winning Confidence Crew program empowers students to be the boss of themselves, in preventative and proactive ways that create confidence, self-worth, connections to self and others.

Our programs have impacted more than 5,000 students in 2020-21 alone and their resultant confidence has created students getting new jobs (and leaving toxic ones), building relationships with neighbours, dealing with the death of a parent and so much more!

Our signature non-clinical preventative mental health workshop program.
Run as 6-8 week program around a theme, such as heroes journey or for a specific cohort such as South Asian students, these fun and engaging workshops help students understand how they tick, normalise their ‘weird’ behaviour and provide practical wellbeing and help-seeking options.

Support for those that can’t join our live events, but still want to shine!

Our courses include Covid & Quarantine mental wellbeing, the 7 Day PhD (Personal Human Development), Real-time Goal Setting workshop, ROCKIT Perform with Confidence and 4 Week Confidence Taster 

Meditation sessions shouldn’t just calm nerves for a moment, they can transform the way we look at ourselves and the world around us…

That’s the power of transformational meditation – lasting states of wellbeing and empowered mindset to take on new challenges, and old.

Quadcasting takes our unique ‘hide the veggies’ model to the next level!  Students join to learn the skills of podcasting and leave with unexpected skills of teamwork, delegation, extreme time management, managing change on the fly, dealing with difficulty, managing different time zones, presenting and more!

Confidence Hackers believe in the power of the strengths-based approach, which is why we love creating programs like the four-part EmpowerFest, which activated students to move, play, love all and learn how to fail well.

Supporting and guiding student leaders to create and lead student events is music to our ears!

Especially when students are then empowered to engage volunteers and learn how to manage them well to create great outcomes for all, like the Swag Studio program we created and ran.


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