Student Returns Program

Quarantine is hard an on anyone – especially young people.

Confidence Hackers have created the Student Returns Program and an innovative Pay As You Go system to help you protect your students, and your budgets, through all of the uncertainty that Covid has brought.

Our ‘Managing Your Corona Quarantine’ course provides 14 days of daily content covering the full quarantine period, from the initial fear and uncertainty through to the eventual boredom and isolation of social distancing. The course is ready to go on a self-contained platform. 

The advanced student-only platform with options for peer-mentoring, events, wellbeing courses for every stage of student life (from pre-arrival to post-graduation), and so much more!

Let us create a custom branded and named version, just for your students.


The perfect ‘welcome back’ gift!  30 cards decks with practical and useful confidence and life hacks to solve 30 everyday challenges like overwhelm, anxiety and managing ranting self talk.

Custom-branding available. 

Let us deliver weekly wellbeing workshops to your students!

We recommend Fabulously Fearless and Rattled to Radiant to help students create understanding of fear and how to overcome it using simple and powerful new ways of being.


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