Online short courses

The convenience of online learning can’t be beaten… and our short-bite courses build confidence and resilience skills in just minutes, not hours, so they’re perfect for busy students…

Discounted pricing available for bulk purchases, or let’s chat to load the content on to your current platform

Our Covid Mental Health Online program builds resilience, personal  empowerment and real non-clinical coping strategies for those experiencing stress and anxiety caused by Covid and the PTSD from lockdowns. Lesson average 15:00min each.

Mindset for IELTS is designed to help any struggling with the stress and anxiety of doing their IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or any English Language Test. The course builds skills and strategies to create calm, clarity and confidence to help anyone ace their test!

The 7 Day Secret Confidence Challenge provides 7 mini confidence lessons and daily challenges covering ranting self talk, gratitude, creating healthy habits, taking responsibility and decision making.  Content: approx 5:00 min per lesson.

The 4 Part Confidence Taster course covers positive psychology, expanding your comfort zone, more on ranting self talk, connecting to your why and learning how to reduce loneliness by talking and connecting with others.  Content: approx 10:00 min per lesson

The Real Time Goal Setting Workshop helps students create personal goals in several life areas.  Students complete the goal setting activities within the course, so there’s nothing more to do, but create results!  Content: approx 2 hours


ROCK IT is the mindset course for the rest of us… the ones that wish we were more.
Perfect for any high pressure performance, including auditions, exams, competitions, interviews, dance, sports, business etc.  Follow the mindset principals that Olympic athletes use to make the difference to their performance.

CASE STUDY: Student Village, The University of Melbourne Campus
Problem: Little engagement with online Res Life activities and exams coming up
Solution: 7 Day Secret Confidence Challenge rebranded as the 7 Day PhD (Personal human Development) Challenge

  • Pre-promotion to secure sign ups
  • Daily challenge image & copy, inviting late join up
  • Simple student registration process
  • Gamification option available
  • ‘Graduation’ certificate provided
  • ‘Graduation’ party for those that completed the challenge (optional)
  • Pay per registration or in bulk

what others said…

Res Life Manager - Tayla

“The process was easy and just a breeze…I really didn’t have to do that much”
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Student - Christina

“Most students are quite stressed… so it will be quite beneficial for them to have this program”
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Psych Student Riley

“You have to do it!… you can see really big changes in your life”

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