study Melbourne Inclusion Program – SMIP

 Confidence Hackers are honoured serve students through three competitive grant funded programs provided by the Study Melbourne Inclusion Program (SMIP)

Creativity for Wellbeing Program

The Creativity for Wellbeing Program creates a safe space for international students, through a series of full- and part-day creative art events, to explore themes as diverse as self-awareness, connection (to self/others/place/country), teamwork & collaboration and innovative thinking & what it means in the workplace.

The program culminates in a student exhibition showcasing the incredible talents and stories of Victorian international students.

We’re grateful to our venue partners: Scape Swantson, Iglu, Atira by Scape, The Student Housing Company and Student Village, the University of Melbourne.

Confident Presenters Program

The Confident Presenters Program is a two-part program in partnership with our friends at Laneway Learning, a not-for-profit organisation that empowers anyone to be a teacher.

  1. Self-confidence skills – build resilience, mental wellbeing and paths to work
  2. Presentation skills – to build skills/content etc to present own workshop at Laneway Learning

This program gives international students the confidence and skills to create powerful and impactful presentation skills, building employability and team work skills, culminating in students presenting their own public workshop.

Check out the student testimonial video above (1:43s)

Welcome  to AFL Program

Confidence Hackers are proud to team up with The Huddle, who leverage the power of sport to strengthen social inclusion, education and careers for young people, to be part of their Welcome to AFL Program.

The Huddle was established to engage, support and empower young people to build on their strengths, increase their ability to participate in society and contribute to more socially inclusive communities.

The Huddle works with some of the most iconic sporting clubs in the world to help young people learn, grow and belong.

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