Staff and Team Wellness

We know that when the staff and teachers go down, everyone suffers.

That’s why we’ve created programs to support those that support others.

Mindset for Teams - 4 hours

Mindset for Teams is a practical ½ day session designed to specifically support the needs of staff, to help them understand and upgrade their own mindset.

What you will learn:

  • Practical tools that you can use every day to help you understand why humans do the weird stuff we do, empowering you to make different decisions with different outcomes.
  • Understand how managing your own mindset positively affects you, and those around you.
  • Learn what drives (and stops) us through unpacking our:
    • Core needs
    • Beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviour
    • Personal values
    • Our fears

From $1,000

Emotional Wellbeing for Teams - Full day

Emotional Health for Teams is a full day program designed to provide practical and useful emotional wellbeing skills, with a no ‘fluffy stuff’ guarantee.

What you will learn:

  • Therapeutic models for actual self-care that you can implement immediately to create lasting positive change
  • Simple and powerful ‘life formulas’ that provide pathways to emotional wellbeing
  • Transformational ways to identify and tame the ranting self-talk that steals confidence and self-belief
  • Escape from the drama and remove the ‘energy vampires’ from your life to create a more empowered you

From $2,000

Transformational Values for Teams - 2.5 days

Transformational Values for Teams is an intensive 2.5-day program designed to create profound impact in first understanding self, and then using that to understand others, creating space for teams to connect (or reconnect) deeply with their soul’s purpose.

What you will learn:

  • Therapeutic models for self-care that you can implement immediately to create lasting positive change
  • How to flip guilt from an endless energy vacuum into something that can power you through the tough times
  • Deep dive into personal and core values to make sense of the ‘treadmill of challenges’, help you get off it and move forward with confidence
  • Powerful tools to understand ourselves as humans, so that we can best serve the humans that we choose to serve
  • How to connect with your truest self so that you can easily and effortlessly create a pathway to self-love
  • Uncover and unpack your own deep personal values and practical application on how to use them to level up.

Mindset for Teams ½ day Course.

From $4,000

COME ALIVE! Professional Development Retreat

Reward your staff by helping them gain the tools and personal insights that will help themselves, and others.

Coming to Melbourne in September 2023, or we can run a bespoke version for your team!

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