Student Events

Let us organise your student festivals and events for something a bit out of the box… and all with a ‘FUN-da-mental’ secret dose of wellbeing.  We LOVE getting your students involved as volunteers too!

One off events to entire festivals!

Create your own comic book!

Students become the writers, directors, editors and stars of their own group comic book adventure creation!

Based on one of a number of themes, the program secretly hides wellbeing, confidence, empowerment and self-leadership tools.

What it doesn’t hide is pure COSPLAY GEEK FUN!

Student Festivals

Let us custom build a strengths-based student-led festival…
they won’t even realise it’s for their wellbeing, because they’ll be having too much fun meeting others.

We’ve created one- and multiple-day events including Empowerfest, SwagStudio and the Summer Feelz Fest for Study Melbourne, building wellbeing and engagement outcomes.

Quadcasting group podcasting

The Quadcasting program connects people into teams of four to create impactful, meaningful podcasts about a meaningful topic – like connection.

The program ‘hides’ connecting with others, problem solving, managing change and tight deadlines, and finding and using your strengths in a team environment.

I met more like-minded people at this event, than I have in the past 12 months

International student

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