We do things a little different…

We believe that it should be easy and effortless for anyone to arrange, promote and have mental health and resilience programs and services delivered, no matter where you are.

And just like the first (and second) rule of Fight Club, we do not talk about ‘mental health’ to students​ – cos it’s too much of a turn off and way too scary for young people.

And that a one-size offering will never fit everyone, cos really, has it ever?

And that being talked ‘at’​ (or worse, down to) is so 2007.

And that anything you have to ‘go away and research’​ for it to be useful – well, it’s just not useful.

And that technology can be an ally for doing cool stuff with young people that feel intimidated doing things in groups…

And that ego and judgement are pointless – so we’ll do what it takes, including animal sounds, daggy dancing and making total fools of ourselves to get our message across – because the tragic aftermath of permanent solutions to temporary problems is much worse than any possible embarrassment we might feel.

And lastly, that anyone who has young people in their care or employ has a bigger responsibility to them than just a roof over their head or a handing out a pay packet.

That’s what we believe… and it drives everything we do.

Our values




If it doesn’t fit these, we don’t do it.  Simple as that,

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that when people know better, they can do better and be better humans.

So we help young people to learn about themselves (and others) and about the weird things that humans do so that they can change the things that no longer work and learn to become more functional members of society, manage jobs, relationships, stress and life at school and beyond better.

Our Methods

If pinching your nose, squatting and wiggling your butt at the same time seems like a strange way of helping your students manage their negative and ranting self talk, that’s ok…

As human behaviour experts, we know that doing unexpected things in a way that’s engaging and fun cuts through stigma and old stagnant patterns like nothing else can, so we’re not afraid to be seriously silly sometimes.

Our Goals

Our big and wildly audacious goal is that no young person feels like their only way out is in a body bag.

And that accessing proactive support is as normal as brushing your teeth.

And that young people have the tools to make better decisions for themselves throughout their lives.

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