working with us is easy and effortless…

cos isn’t that how it should be?

It all starts with a conversation…

We take a minute (or 20) to get to know you, the outcomes you want and your student mix, first… we even love involving your student leaders in the conversation.

You don’t need to prepare anything, we’ll just ask you some questions that help us to understand what your needs are.

We come up with a plan of attack

We love bringing creativity and innovation to our workshops and events, so they’re never boring and are always fresh, fun and exciting! Yes, you can make the mental health space vibrant!

We confirm everything with an invoice.

We create and deliver the event

This is the fun part… taking the plan and making it real!

We often find the inspiration details while out walking or meditating or our favourite way to envision your workshops and events… in the bath!

Then, PowerPoint-Free, we wow your students with engaging, relevant and relatable content. 

This last one is for you…

You get to take the credit and glory for changing students’ lives… cos by helping them gain the life, functional and job soft skills that we deliver, that’s exactly what you’ve done.

And no one has to know how easy it was…

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