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All of our workshops build confidence, empowerment and self-leadership skills, and help young people make sense of how they tick…

Pick and mix your favourites to create your own bespoke program, or ask us about solving the your specific challenges!

our Most popular workshops

Rattled to Radiant

What does it really take to become resilient in today’s world? Resilient people bounce back from setbacks and move forward, which sometimes means taking a backwards step to move forward.

Making Confident Decisions

Making decisions is easy! said No. One. Ever… Decision-istas don’t have special powers… they just know the right questions to ask to make confident decisions every time…

Fabulously Fearless

In this session we’ll be uncovering what creates fear and the antidote so that we can move beyond it to create our Fabulously Fearless and positive future.

Powerful Positivity

It’s easy to feel negative – our brains are wired to find scary stuff… Together we’ll learn the life-changing positive psychology habits that transform your life and inspire others to transform theirs too.

Smart-ER Goals

Ever made goals that actually stuck? That’s because they hit you in the feels, which is exactly where we go with this workshop, to make ‘sticky goals’ that last!

Stress Less
Achieve More

Managing feelings like stress can feel overwhelming. But what if you knew you could do them differently and reduce anxiety at the same time using simple, powerful strategies?

Finding Focus

How do you get your studies, life and stuff together when the world seems to be falling apart? Learn to maintain focus amongst all of the noise, and achieve what you want.

Win the ‘What Ifs’ War

Don’t you just love solving problems that don’t actually exist? Those ones that keep you awake at night. Imagine what looking at these questions differently might do to the answers…

8 week Hero’s Journey challenge program

This program takes students through the ups and downs of their own Hero’s Journey, helping them to challenge themselves, stretch their comfort zones and come out the other end as true heroes! 

Decision to Decide

Every heroes journey starts with a decision… Learn the 1, 2 or 3-step process to making confident decisions every time… guaranteed.

Conquer your Comfort Zone

All heroes know you get a choice – life squeezes you… or YOU squeeze life… Learn simple, useful and practical ways to stretch your comfort zones.

Seek Super Supporters

We all meet people along our journey to personal herodom, but recognising the difference between ones to listen to and the one to avoid, now that’s a real talent…

Triumph over Terror

Even heroes face first-time-ever challenges… and that can feel overwhelming, scary and kind of too much to deal with… Learn how to take educated risks that create outcomes.

Dealing with Drama

Even heroes have to deal drama! But there are better ways to detox from drama (yours and other people’s) that gives you personal freedom from the exhausting roundabout.

Master Your Mindset

Heroes face challenges, failure and defeat, just like all of us… They just find creative ways to bounce back again,  looking for solutions that are outside of the ordinary.

Vanquish the Voices (that say you can’t)

With challenges come ranting self-talk – even for heroes… In this session, you’ll learn how to manage those voices of doubt that we all have, so that you can move forward easily.

Super Self!

Super Heroes often wear their capes inside their normal, ordinary clothes so as not to stand out… but today is about showing your true identity – as your authentic Super Self!

People and communication Skills

Networking for Success

Networking (aka making friends) is simple when you have a guaranteed winning opening line to start a conversation… and the hard bit, how to end one!

Conflict Crusher

Dealing with other people’s opinions can be hard . Learn how deal with disagreement and calm situations down like resourceful adults, rather than kids!

Why People Do Strange Things

Scratching your head at the weird stuff you do? Unlocking our core human needs helps us understand why we do the things we all do, allowing us to work out what makes us tick.

Managing Other People’s Expectations

Other people’s expectations can have a huge influence on what we do (or don’t do!). It’s time to take back the power and live your true authentic, empowered life!

Extended DISC

Learn all about the four different behavioural types (inc yours) and how each need different communication styles to create impact. Learn the insider tricks that make you seem like a mind reader!

Connections Matter

Right now we need to stick together more than ever, because connection is what truly makes humanity work. Learn to create those deeper bonds to heal ourselves and others.

Creating Healthy Relationships

You know those people that suck out your energy and leave you feeling drained? Learn how to manage the ‘energy vampires’ in your life and be free of the drama!

Talking to Aliens

How do you make sense of the opposite sex? Learn the subtle (and HUGE) differences that exist between masculine and feminine energies (even in same sex couples).

Time Management Skills

Maintaining Motivation

Maintaining motivation and energy can be ‘challenging’… Learn the secrets to transform blah into BAM! so that you can get the most out of every day!

Procrastination Extermination

Get out of ‘procrastination station’ easily and effortlessly by healing from adversity and learning to create loving and ‘golden’ memories.

Balance Study, Work, Life and Everything

Work out what causes the imbalances in your life and create simple strategies to overcome them. Then deal with the ‘terminal seriousness that kills joy

Secrets to Success in Everything

If you could learn the secrets to fast-track your success, you would, right?  Look no further, as we uncover the ‘life formulas’ that help you learn how to ‘adult’ like an adult!

Stress Management Skills

ace your exams!

Become an ‘exam-pion’ by using the real-life tools Olympic athletes use to prepare for competition. Also ‘sneakily’ covers topics like sleep, diet, exercise and socialising.

Planning for Success

Vision boards are incredibly powerful tools, especially when coupled with a meditation that brings out your own personal insights to your compelling future vision

Ignite and Rewrite

The things we believe become our stories… and our limits. In this workshop, we challenge our stories and create new and empowering ones that fuel lasting progress and outcomes.

Adult growth model

This model helps anyone plot their progress from reliant to owning their own results… and how to fast-track the process to resourceful behaviour & outcomes!

Self Leadership Skills

Manage your emotions, so they don’t manage you

Emotions become challenging when we can’t identify what we’re actually feeling. This session creates ownership over emotions and reduces anxiety.

Change your language, change your life

Our self-talk and unwritten rules really power the ‘down escalator’ that we’re trying to run up.  Learn practical tools to slow it down, so that we can move ahead with ease.

Trick yourself Confident

Learn the secret tricks people like Beyonce, Donald Trump and other use to boost confidence (even when they don’t feel it!)

Breaking free from your role

As kids we take on a ‘role’ in the family – the good one, the loud one, the helper etc. Learn how to break free from the binds of this role and become your own person!

Staff and Student Leaders

All of our workshops are suitable for staff and student leaders, with these extra bonus goodies are especially relevant.


The student-focused engaging and relevant alternative to first aid training for mental health!
Forget scary and boring training that’s over their heads.

having difficult conversations

Uncover why most people are  totally messing up those difficult conversations… and the simple and powerful tools to make it safe to have them, including simple  alternatives and learning about what’s not being said.

Behavioural Profiling 101

Learning the secrets of the EDISC behavioural profiles helps us to deeply empathise with others in new and profound ways… creating accelerated levels of trust with students and staff, creating great outcomes all round.

Online Courses

Our online courses are perfect for people who like to learn at their own pace, or review the lessons many times over…

Check out our courses, including: 

7 Day Secret Confidence Challenge, 4 Part Confidence Taster, Real Time Goal-Setting and ROCKIT the performance confidence course


Quarantine Wellbeing and Covid Fears online courses

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