Workshops and Programs

We provide preventative, non-clinical, fun and engaging mental health training and workshops for students, staff and teachers.

We’re honoured to have been recognised by the IEAA as the 2021 Excellence Award winner for Innovation for our preventative wellbeing programming and events!


Our signature, multi award-winning 4, 6, or 8 week themed programs to build confidence, resilience and soft functional skills students need to thrive.

Choose one of our ‘pre-mixed’ programs or ‘choose your own adventure’ and custom-create your own bespoke version.

Program starting from $8,000

SIDE HUSTLE SCHOOL (SHS) – entrepreneurship

SHS empowers aspiring founders with a unique 50/50 split of mindset and business skills, so they can become who they need to be to thrive in the workplaces of the future, as leaders, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs.

Regardless if they choose to start a business or not, SHS provides participants with the scaffolding and tools to grow personally and professionally, and to grow in any role, industry, or context.

Program starting from $500 per student

STRAIGHT TO SHORTLIST (S2S) – employability

S2S helps international students access the 80% of jobs in the hidden job market by proactively approaching and creating networks in the student’s field of interest.

Run as a hybrid on-demand and live-by-Zoom program, building both confidence and networking skills, students by-pass recruiters biases, showcases the students and builds the networks that get international students employed IN THEIR FIELD.

Program starting from $500 per student


Reel Confidence is our 4-hour ‘confidence on camera’ accelerator program, building personal and technical skills for students to find their voice.

Confident Presenters is our larger 10-12 hour program, going into depth to create confidence for presentations, pitches, and more.

Program starting from $4,000


Art as therapy does more than create pretty pictures… creates a safe space for students, through a series of full- and part-day creative art events, to explore themes as diverse as:

– self-awareness
– connection (to self / others / place / country)
– teamwork & collaboration and
– innovative thinking & what it means in the workplace.

Program starting from $5,000

ICARE – mental health

ICARE is our student-friendly alternative to first aid for mental health.

“A subject that in the past has been boring and over the heads of our young people [mental health first aid], you treated with enthusiasm and in a non-clinical and fun approach from the angle of how people ‘tick’, being more relevant to our student leader teams.”

Residential Manager, Campus Living Villages

Program starting from $4,000

in house or online

Our workshops & training translate perfectly to the online environment, supporting the students who need it the most!


What he Said

“The feedback was that the session was great “
Wade Hurst | Residential Life Manager | UniLodge Park Central – Brisbane


easy and effortless

We do everything! including providing event posters, social media ‘square’ and ‘story’ posts.
You take the glory!

fun and engaging

No boring ‘talk at you’ here! Our workshops and trainings are fun, engaging and most of all, relevant.

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