Workshops and Training

We provide preventative, non-clinical, fun and engaging mental health training and workshops for students, staff and teachers.

We’re honoured to have been recognised by the IEAA as the 2021 Excellence Award winner for Innovation for our preventative wellbeing programming and events!

Confidence Hackers workshops are self-leadership sessions that teach young people how to ‘adult’, what makes them tick, and share practical, useful and engaging tools such as confident decision making, managing ranting self talk and adult development models.

“130 minutes into Monday’s 90 minute Zoom session the students still didn’t want to leave!”

Run them as stand alone, or for even better results, through ‘Operation Hide the Veggies’ as mini ‘courses’ (with a certificate!)

Each workshop includes a 90-second dance break!

Powerpoint-free zone

We make our workshops more like a fun fire-side chat… so your young people can feel comfortable to share what’s really going on for them… and so we can help them resolve their challenges in real time.  In fact we’re often surprised at just how much they want to share!

Our workshops are ‘proactively responsive’ – meaning that we are proactive in the way we tackle real-world problems and responsive in the way we manage each group… that’s because all of our coaches are master facilitators – not just people delivering ‘content’. We’ll go where others won’t… including proudly being PowerPoint FREE!

What they Learn

Everyone leaves feeling they understand themselves (and others) a bit more… and that’s important, because when you understand yourself and the truth behind the weird things that you do, you can more easily make change that helps and supports your personal (and professional) growth.

One size DOES NOT fit all

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, because every brain, body chemistry, entrenched behaviour pattern, past experience, belief, value, culture, family history and just about everything uniquely shapes the way we do things.

All of our coaches have spent years training in ways of understanding, un-learning and re-learning complex behaviour patterns to create useful, sustainable and resourceful new behaviours for young people.

staff and leaders training

Train your staff and youth leaders in basic human behaviour knowledge so they can create positive outcomes, make better decisions and manage more for themselves.

Through these trainings they will gain the skills to:
– know how to manage different types of people
– reduce the amount of situations that get escalated
– calm rather than inflame situations

A subject that in the past has been boring and over the heads of our young people [mental health first aid], you treated with enthusiasm and in a non-clinical and fun approach from the angle of how people ‘tick’, being more relevant to our teams.

Michael Cowan

Residential Manager, Campus Living Villages

in house or online

Our workshops & training translate perfectly to the online environment, supporting the students who need it the most!


What he Said

“The feedback was that the session was great “
Wade Hurst | Residential Life Manager | UniLodge Park Central – Brisbane


easy and effortless

We do everything! including providing event posters, social media ‘square’ and ‘story’ posts.
You take the glory!

fun and engaging

No boring ‘talk at you’ here! Our workshops and trainings are fun, engaging and most of all, relevant.

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