Covid Mental Wellbeing Online Course




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OK, so Covid everything has sent you into massive fearsville, a bit of a confidence slump or even a total tailspin.

Relax – you’re not alone.

Even people that have been previously been managing ok are also finding themselves at the mercy of ‘the nonsense’.  But there is a way out that is simple and powerful… and might even be a bit fun…

Two-time Nobel prize winner, physicist and champion of the x-ray Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time t understand more so that we may fear less.

Break Free from your Corona Fears is for anyone struggling with the ‘Pandemic of Panic’ that COVID-19 has created, and is battling to quell their fear and anxiety in the midst of the media overwhelm that’s gripped the world.

In this course and over 14 short, energetic, practical and relevant lessons, you’ll get to understand, from your instructor, human behaviour expert and confidence coach, Anita van Rooyen, using proven therapeutic models, tools and strategies to help anyone change their thinking and mindset, easily and effortlessly day by day from fearful to fabulous.

So your wellbeing prescription: a daily dose of confidence, wellbeing and learning to understand and make sense of the weird stuff that you do… and the best bit?  all of the content is SUPER RELEVANT for your entire life, not just for Covid.

And the lessons make for a perfect family project, with a friend or if you’re flying solo.

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