Positive Postcards


Super cute (and cheap) positive focused postcards with a welfare twist.  Each pack contains 10 different random designs!

Perfect for welcome packs, exam stress or anytime someone needs to boost of positive energy.

They hit right in ‘the feels’.

Encourage your students and remind them of their awesomeness with these positive postcards, created specifically for stress times, like new arrivals, exams, mid semester and anytime someone needs a positive boost! Each pack contains 10 unique designs - random mix.

'Sneaky' welfare check
Knowing one of the first warning signs of poor mental is withdrawal from joy and life, use Positive Postcards for dual purpose - delighting your students and a sneaky welfare check.

By using a sticker to name a card for each resident, and combining with a protein bar and piece of fruit as a 'gift'... Then ‘red flagging’ anyone not collected their gift...

Atira shaped by scape

“Your [positive] cards are super popular, we have been giving them with a personal note on the back to every resident (with ice cream and self-care checklist) and everyone loves your super motivating quotes!”